Southern Star Yoga Therapy

Darning Coivd-19 all classes and Yoga Therapy sessions will be on zoom. For the safety of all.
      What is Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therpist use the science of yoga,to helps with many aliments.

Most common but not limited to, back pain, chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

We bring Eastern and Western medicine together working with the body as a whole.


We go beyond PT to work with you on your whole body: physical, breathing, conscious and unconscious  mind.

Helping you to bring balance. And giving you the tools to live your best life long after we work together.

That is not to say don't go to PT. I am a firm beleaver if your insurance pays for it. take it! 

yoga tree root.jpg

Remembering that you are unique; you are "put together" differently than the person on the next mat. Coming to a yoga class is about you and how you are feeling that day. Each day is different. When you step on your mat remember this and be thrilled at any level you are in each day.

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