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Southern Star Yoga Therapy

Darning Coivd-19 all classes and Yoga Therapy sessions will be on zoom. For the safety of all.

Sometimes one person's bad day can be one of your best days.


My Story


At 35 I noticed that my ring fingers were starting to lean oddly at the top knuckle – also called the hammer knuckle. Honestly, I thought they were broken. Moving them was painful, to the point I had my family cut my food.


With 3 young children this was just not going to work. My daily activity just could not slow down. Too much to do and not enough time, the same for so many of us. I took the time to go to the doctor who gruffly told me that if I did not lose weight and start exercising, I would end up in a wheelchair. Well that changed my schedule, A wheelchair was just not an option. With that one sentence my priorities changed.


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My diagnosis was Osteoarthritis or OA. It was going to spread, there are many medications to help with the pain and mobility, but I did not want to take any, not yet. The side effects are just plain scary. 


That scared me. I have seen what Arthritis can do to a person.  So, I started a trendy diet and joined a gym. I lost weight but that affected my state of mind, sleep and concentration were paying the price. So I switched to a balanced diet and smaller portions, mostly.


At the gym I used all the machines and took every class only to come home to Advil and resting (sitting still). THEN I walked into my first Pilate’s class and I felt good. I could enjoy the rest of the day. My energy level was up, doing the day to day was not an obstacle.. The next day I tried my first Yoga class. That class changed my life.


After taking yoga classes for a short while my body did not hurt. I did not take Advil every day. Instead of resting I felt energized. I really had not realized how much pain I had been in and how that was affecting my life and the lives of my family. 


Over the 17 years I have taught: I have studied and researched many dis-ease my students have asked me about. The first question is “have you seen a doctor and have you gone to PT”. It is never my place to diagnose an ailment. After listening and asking questions about a client's life, how they use their body and what the goal is for that individual.  That is when the fun and research starts. Leading me to my next journey, to become a yoga therapist.


After 17 years of teaching plus 5 years of being a student. many classes, students and private clients; my dream to share how I was able to come back from my diagnosis and live has come to life.  And now I am a Yoga Therapist.

"with yoga not only your body should become flexible- your mind and emotions, and above all your consciousness should become mor flrxible"

Jaggi Vasuder

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