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Sometimes one person's bad day can be one of your best days. When I was 35 my doctor diagnosed me with Arthritis. He was not having a great day, and did not sugar coat. He said I needed to lose weight and start exercising or I would end up with little or no mobility, he even mentioned a wheelchair. This was my wakeup call and I headed for the gym, taking all the cardio classes and treadmills only to come home and take Advil. 


Then one day I saw a Pilates class, grabbed a mat and took my first class. And had another Aha moment. This I could do! and I felt great! The next step was Yoga and my new life was born. Now still not on any Osteoarthritis medications and I’m sure that would be the case if I did not practice yoga in the full science of yoga.

Now I am a Yoga therapist, sharing what I know to help clients live more happy and productive lives.

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Chair Yoga
      What is Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therpist use the science of yoga,to helps with many aliments.

Most common but not limited to, back pain, chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

We bring Eastern and Western medicine together working with the body as a whole.


We go beyond PT to work with you on your whole body: physical, breathing, conscious and unconscious  mind.

Helping you to bring balance. And giving you the tools to live your best life long after we work together.

That is not to say don't go to PT. I am a firm beleaver if your insurance pays for it. take it! 

"with yoga not only your body should become flexible- your mind and emotions, and above all your consciousness should become mor flrxible"

Jaggi Vasuder

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