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My Philosophy 


One day a tortoise and rabbit were racing. The rabbit was moving fast, he was sure he would win so he stopped for a rest. The tortoise kept a slow and steady pace. To the rabbits surprise the tortoise won the race. Aesop


My philosophy is to be the tortoise, slow and steady wins the race. The goal is to enjoy life, live life and find peace, both mentally and physically. Is to keep moving in the direction of life.


I specialize in injury prevention, rehab, and balance. Along with any trauma or anxiety that might go along with an injury.

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Yoga Therapy vs Yoga Class


What is Yoga Therapy? Well it is not like taking a group or even private yoga class. Yoga therapists work one on one with a client to find a balance between Eastern and Western medicine that works for you as an individual. Using the science of yoga, Yoga therapy helps with many ailments.  Mostly (but not limited to) chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.


A yoga therapist will work with your body as a whole using movement, breathing and meditation. This brings your body, breath, conscious and unconscious brain together. We give the client practices they take into their daily lives. And with these practices increase their quality of life.


On a case by case basis we can work with or after PT, OT, Surgery. We can work with your doctor or therapist as well.

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