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My yoga spot

It cracks me up to have a "spot" for yoga, but I get it. Once you are in a regular class "your spot" is where you are the most comfortable. Personally I like the back of the room. Unfortunately someone else might like your spot as well. More than once I have put my mat down and walked off to say hello to a friend only to return to my mat and find it moved over and someone else set up in my spot. What to do? Well this is yoga and the whole reason you walked into the class is to find balance and free your mind. Might as well start with a welcome hello to your new neighbor and sit down to start some calming breathes.

This does not always happen in class, sometimes there is a reason you chose that spot. Is it next to a wall to help with balance, close to the door or bathroom. If this is the case you could explain why you needed that place in class, but if possible take a leap of faith that this could become your new spot or at least challenging for this one class.

Wishing you a good breathe and calm day.


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