• Michelle Cormack

"I'm not flexible enough to do Yoga"

"I'm not flexible enough to do Yoga" Is this you? Strength and Flexibility are increased with Yoga. Not everyone starts off touching their nose to their knee, and might not ever. However yoga will still benefit you. I have had many a client tell me they are very flexible and bend over to touch their toes, more times than you would think they are not so much flexible but skeletally proportioned allowing the pose. When we add the breathe and movement they see how unflexible they really are at the beginning of starting yoga classes. The same goes for those who think they are not flexible for yoga after a few breathes they flow right into pose.

Yoga classes are just for you. Once you are on your mat everyone else should fade away. This is were the mind, body and breathe take over and clarity of mind starts, looking inward and not at those around you.

"I can't get into that pose" Not everyone can do every position and that is okay. Listen to what your body is telling you. How you move will depend on any injuries you might have, or had in the past. How you are put together skeletal, muscular, and the day you are having. Yoga is different for everyone and every day is different.

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