• Michelle Cormack

A place to "do" yoga

Sometimes it is hard to take a break for yourself at home. Even have a studio in my house I need to put a sign on the door saying" yoga class please do not knock or ring the bell". Taking a few minutes a day can help you become more aware of your breathing and posture. Letting your body tell you where it need some stretching and relaxation. Clear your mind, an idea that works for me is to write a list of what I need to due that day. Once the list is written my mind is clear of clutter. It could be worth a try.

What poses should you do? Tension in your neck and shoulder you might think that is the place to start. However have tension in your neck or back does not always mean that is the start of the tension. Many times if you have lower back pain it comes from the hip and glut area. You neck ache could be more to do with stress or posture. Taking a few minutes to just sit and “listen” to your body can help you immensely.

Have correct posture threw out the day is one key to keeping tension away. A simple should roll can put everything back in place. Take a minute to clear your mind. It might be that you have so much on your "to do" list that concentration and or stress is the problem. Breathing deep, filling your lungs can help bring you back to center.

These are just a few ideas to get you through the day. Taking yoga classes can help you enjoy each day.

If you continue to have difficulty tell your yoga instructor so they can give you poses and breathing techniues to help.



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