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Breathing isn't as easy as it sounds

Great pic right? This is how we all want to feel everyday. Well life can get in they way so you have to take time when and anywhere you are, car, grocery store, sitting at your desk even at home when everyone needs SOMETHING right then. Easier said than done...well you do not have to be on a mat eyes closed to find calm.

This is amazing watching this gif when you are stressed or maybe even having a panic attach can help immensely. Try it out and let me know what you think.

One day (well really this happens fairly frequently just the situation is different) after a group restorative class a woman came up. Thank you I really need that, then she went on to explain that her child had been in the hospital. Things had really been stressful, more than high fever or broken bone.

She had just not been able to catch her breathe and had a panic attack with no meds to help. I gave her a few tips and the link above. Suggesting she text that link to herself and lock it. That way it was handy anytime she needed it.

You do not have to be or have a loved one in the hospital to have a stress or panic attack. Try this inhale while counting to 4, hold that breathe count to 4 again. Then exhale counting to 8. Do this 3 or 4 times. Does it feel like you are breathing deeper? Using more of your lungs?I would never suggest I am the be all end all of knowledge on this or any subject. My blogs are from experience and training, So here are a couple of links

and another to help with deep breathing Each of us has a different lung capacity. Listen to your body.

Even the best of times you can have the "took my breathe away" The ones I like to tell my classes are with extreme weather. Have you ever feelt that "took my breath" walking from a warm building to the great outdoors when it is really cold? Or hot? Try and deepen your breathe and your body will start to regulate with the temperatures. You will still be cold or hot but the natural cooling/heating system that is our blood stream will kick in. Our bodies are amazing especially when we use them as designed.

Just Take a Deep Breathe and enjoy your day.


Michelle Cormack

I hope this helps. If not email me at michellecormack@southernstarstudios. subject Breathing isn't as easy as it sounds blog.

If I know or can find the answer I will let you know, If I don't I will try to find the right person for you.

Michelle Cormack

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