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Yoga Body What should it look like?

I was at a studio meeting a few years back, we were talking about promotions. You know haw to get more people through the door. One of my thin colleagues came up with the idea of getting a "real person, figure" siting on a mat with all the clutter we carry around floating away. The image was unique and true for 90% of our clients, and the public. Eminently it was shot down one of my friends and colleagues ( we have work together for years and multiple studios) said "I would NEVER take a class from someone like that. Without blinking an eye I replied,"Then you would never take a class from me. Statement not judgement, I am the average body. Like most of I have to work to maintain my weight, If you have read my bio then you know I did not take care of my body for 20 years. Paying the price with my health,

So what is my point? Not starting something that could improve your health because of an image given to you by magazines or studios and gyms putting someone that is not advantage (like most of the population) on the cover or website, Remember they are trying to sell their product or brand Well that is just hurting you.

Now I am not saying that the articles in said magazine is not helpful, or that the gym/studio doesn't have your best interest at heart. The dissension to pick up a mat and go to a class is ultimately yours. It took a doctor telling me I was going to be crippled by the time I was 50 if I did not start taking care of myself.

So what should you do? Well First watching videos on you tube are not something I recommend. When you first start a class, any class, having an instructor with you is key. Think about it, if you watch a video and are not in the right form then 9 times out of 10 you will hurt yourself. That number is my experience and most of my clients. "I don't want to join a gym, it cost to much. Well look around for a church or community center. Some have classes that are very cost effective. I have taught at one for 12 plus years. Try web classes or private lessons, yes I do both but find a teacher you trust, even if it is not Southern Star Studios.

After you start to get the form the only thing I recommend outside of a class is "Yoga Deck" Just like it sound each card has a drawing on the front and step by step how to get into the pose and how to breathe through it. If you cannot find it let me know and I will help you out.

Now Yoga was not the only thing I did to get into better shape. I tried everything but most sent me to the Advil bottle. Yoga and Pilates along with eating better ( I did still have 3 young active kids so...) When I started my training I went a different way then most yoga instructors. Adding injury prevention, sports conditioning, strength training and Cytex ( to help you balance your body while you get in shape) along with Many class on individual joint health. The key to being successful is finding pleasure not pain.

Who should you trust? Well you need to ask the right questions.

1. What training do they have? Don't be afraid to ask for their certificates. Now I can put my hand on about half of mine, so take that into account. Ask what they know about your situation. Example the big one is knee problems, if someone wants you to jump around turn around and check out the next place.

2. Will you be able to make the classes/ training. Going in at 6 am not getting enough sleep is asking for failure. Unless you are a morning person and have been getting up at 5 am for years.

3. If the class or trainer has you doing the same thing every class/day ask them to switch it up. Your body needs the change, that goes for days and times as well.

4. Can you afford it? If it is going to put a strain on your bank account find a place that works with you. The big chains that offer $10 a month do not offer classes and well you get what you pay for in the trainers.

5. If a trainer starts to tell you what to eat ask for their certification and do NOT take any answer but the paper from accredited organization. ACE is the one I use but there are others. Nutrition is a very difficult and should not be taken lightly. Not everyone can live with the same diet. Also asking your doctor for help in this area is probably the best. That said I will give you the few things I was told from a nutritionist (it takes a college degree to really claim that tittle) Shop on the out side isle of the store, the inside isle have chemicals any body does not need to service. Don't buy what you cannot eat in a few days, in other words and I love this "If it rots then it most likely is a good chose" Yucky but I remember it at the store. Anything else ask a professional

6. Enjoy yourself, make friends, take a friend with you. Just have fun!

The next step is yours. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Listen to your body.

I hope this helps. If not email me at michellecormack@southernstarstudios. subject Yoga body blog.

If I know or can find the answer I will let you know, If I don't I will try to find the right person for you.

Michelle Cormack

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