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Restless Leg Synrome can really cut down on a restful sleep

There is so much to know about something that seems minor. That is unless you are the one with RLS then it is really a pain in more ways than one.

RLS is an uncontrollable urge to move your leg, twitchey leg, you can sometimes feel it coming on just befor your leg jumps. It is a very uncomfortablr sensation usually happening in the evening/ nighttime but can occur while seated.

An interesting fact is that 50% of kids who had "growing pains" as a child will also have RLS.

Not so great is there is not a cure. No magical pill that takes away the bothersome syndrome.

However, there are several things you can do to reduce your RLS

1)Aviod/ limit caffeine,tobacco,nicotine and alcohol. Esp befor bed.

2)Make sure you are getting enough Iron in your diet or with a supplement.

3) Review your medications and supplements with your doctor(s)

Never stop taking any medications prescribed

4) Along with the above have your blood checked, iron levels and kidney function checked.

5)Exercise regulary and Massage your leg regulary

6) Only use your bed for sleep and sex.

7) walking and stretching during the day. Streching befor bed helps also

8) Take a hot or cold bath, or a warm soak. All of which seemed to be the same, all of us are unique.

9) Do something that is mentally challenging while seated.

10) Try not to make bed time worry time

11) This might be a hard one remove all electronics. Here is how I have worked that: Black Tape over all the little red and blue lights. My phone and watch are charging in a draw or under a towel and my computer is usually in another room. I even turn my clock face down the alarm still goes off but I am not distracted by the light or calculating how long I have been in bed or how long until I have to get up.

12) move and breath befor bed. Meditation (FYI I use the app insight timer they have many options

Meditation is very personal, so pick and chose what feels right to you in the moment. Ex: music, sound of the voice if you like guided meditation. Also maybe look into Yoga Nidra during the day or an hour or so befor bed. Yoga Nidra is helpful for body awareness but bot as a sleep aid.

Moving and breathing/ stretching

Some Yoga poses that might help: Standing or seated forward fold. Seated forward fold variation which is bringing one leg in towards you body. This does not need to be an even stretch. If it is your right leg then that might be the only side you need to work with.Legs up the wall. This is my personal favorite.Bridge pose, childs pose and savasana. Personally savasana does not really work for me. I tend to be in that position just waiting for the jump in my leg. Again we are all different so you might find savasana very nice.

And finally alternate nostral breathing:

And to leave you with some GOOD NEWS, Having RLS does not indicate that you have other neurologic disorders ex: Parkinson's disease

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